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I am curious what the actual argument for including Legolas (of any spelling) in the Fall of Gondolin story. The story with him in it is by far the most complete, but much of the stuff was abandoned either directly or idealogically in Tolkiens writings. Legolas has always seemed to me to be one of these, as there are no other major repititions of elvish names, besides Glorfindel which Tolkien explained with reincarnation . The two Legolases are clearly distinct in origin, so aren't the same, yet they are similar (e.g. keen-sighted). But it is doubtful that Thranduil, who was not too fond of the Noldor, would name his son after one. Ultimately, I think, as of now, that the accuracy of including Legolas in the Fall of Gondolin story is very doubtful.
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