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For the first few minutes of walking Gorin was digging into his pack and presently retrieved a stained and tattered, but still usable, hooded cloak, which he threw on his pack and pulled the hood tightly over his head. He was marching next to Kuric.

The brother and sister were up ahead with Erling along with Orin who despite his eagerness had to be helped along more than once by his siblings. Gorin had no bone to pick with with them, but bringing a child so young on a journey which could prove perilous seemed very foolish to him.

He observed the movements of each of the company, apparently some were more accustomed to the forest than others, but all of them seemed hardy folk. Lea seemed to move with considerable ease in her male clothes and gave Gorin the impression that she dressed in them regularly. That would certainly give an explanation to why she didn't think it strange to be wearing such things when he asked her about it.

Gorin could smell the scent of smoke and knew that they were drawing very near the house of this Edin Cengal and came upon it in no time at all. Erling stopped and faced the party but mainly stared at Gorin and Kuric. He gave each of them a warning of the Edin's behaviour towards strangers, and also of the ferocious dogs that he kept. A second later a snarling dog came up to the fence and attempted to jump it, but failed.

“Master Cengal!” Erling cried over the clamour of the dogs. “Master Cengal, can you hear me?”

In due time the man came out and for a minute Cengal and Erling shouted back at each other before finally the man exclaimed.

"My goodness it is you," he said to Erling in a crackling voice, "Come on in than can't stay out here shouting all night!"

Then he called off his dogs and went inside the house. Erling opened the latch on the gate and presently the line of travelers filed into the house and the door was shut behind them. Gorin stayed near the door and folded his hands across his chest, waiting for the Cengal or Erling to speak.
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