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All that Erling could afterwards say was that everything had happened so quickly. He had never before thought that an event could come so fast, uheralded, unexpected. He did not know Grimbeorn-he had hardly exchanged a few words with him-but, as was his way with strangers, he had been fond of him. It was hard to believe that he had seen him die, yet it was also hard to pretend that the fact did not happen. It would ever be, from then on, and he somehow knew it.

Erling could very well see that the rest of his companions were also shoked. Well, not all. Kuric seemed quite unconcerned. But he did not mind that. He was glad there was someone like him nearby, someone to draw attention to practical thoughts that would make them forget what they had just seen. Well, maybe not forget, but at least postpone the time when they would have to think about it.

They were now on the move, tracing the wounded Warg. All of them, even Orin. It was a risk to take such a small child on such an adventure, but Erling agreed there was nothing else they could do. But one thing was troubling him. They were perhaps enough to tackle one Warg, but was it only one? Shouldn't they perhaps go back and ask for some help from Bree? But no, that would probably cost them too much time...

"I wonder," he began, and he realised his voice shook slightly-from fear or shock or grief, he could not tell, "Is it really only one of these creatures? Or are there perhaps more? Isn't there a chance for us to be outnumbered?"

As he spoke, he cast uneasy glances around him. He had always thought that knowing what exactly your enemy was made it less feared. He had praid for the time when he would know what was attacking Bree's peace, for he had thought he would be less terrified of them. But it was not true. The fear had not disappeared. It was still there. Strange, he thought. Few stories spoke of such a fear. Few had prepared him for the moment he was facing now.
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