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Ash was shocked by what had happened, but unlike Lea hadn't seen Grimbeorn's face. But telling by Lea's reaction, he didn't want to. He put Orin behind him, before going over to Lea to see how she was.

"Lea, are you alright?" He said, coming up behind her were she was kneeling.

"No, of course not. But don't worry about me," she replied, calmly. "Orin, are you alright?"

"Yes." The shakiness of Orin's voice didn't surprise Ash, but it was bad. He wouldn't be able to leave now.

Suddenly, Lea turned and hugged both her brothers fiercely. "It's alright. We will solve this matter," she said.

"Of course we will", Ash returned, putting every ounce of confidence he had left into those words.

"Are we going on an adventure now?" Orin asked, shocking Ash. Adventure? Was he still thinking of this as an adventure? As often happened, Lea spoke right before him, saying the essence of what he was going to say.

"Yes," Lea said, "but this is not playing. This is very dangerous. Orin, do as you're told and don't do anything stupid by your own. Otherwise..."

Her ending right there was horrible. Ash could feel the shake in her voice. If they hadn't been around so many strangers He would have given Lea a hug, but thought that if he did so, she would wish he hadn't.

Keeping Orin and Lea close to himself, Ash went after the dwarf, hoping to find the wargs, before they found them.

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