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Kuric had made up his mind and he knew what he must do. Erling’s outburst made Kuric understand that these companions were afraid, but they pursued their fates anyway. It touched the old dwarf and that is what caused him to realize that he must do what he could to preserve these people. As Groin and Erling were loudly discussing what should be done Kuric took one look back and a with a deep breath and sigh he left the forest opening heading toward the sound of the warg, for he knew there were more than one.

Kuric trotted along doggedly as best he could in the direction of the sound. Weaving his way in and out of trees, he felt that at any moment a warg may jump out and attack. Instinctively he clutched his great mace preparing for any attack. Alright lad, he told himself, ya’ve been in battle a hundred times, this’ll be no different. He had never reassured himself before, but he felt something was different this time.

Finally, he was reached the point where he must stop running. Leaning over for a moment to catch his breath, Kuric heard sound that made the adrenaline course through his veins as he felt new vigor and strength. He yelled the ancient dwarven battle cry, "Baruk Khazd! Khazd ai-mnu!" He rushed toward the source of the sound uncertain of his fate but knowing that he must do all he can to save that small group of Breelanders that were unprepared for such a battle.

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