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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Parkun regained his senses after a few moments to find Kuric kneeling over him, shaking him roughly. Kun groaned and tried to sit up so the Dwarf would stop shaking him. He gave up, though, and decided to simply speak from on his back. Was he alright? Did he look alright? And he certainly wasn’t feeling any better with a Dwarf man-handling him! The young man groaned again, wallowing in his pain. Luckily he was feeling too weak to give Kuric even a nasty look. He needed to keep all of these “defenders” on good terms with him if they were to follow him deeper into the forest simply at his word.

“I’m…I’m alright… Don’t worry about me…” I sound so bloody ridiculous, he thought, but he knew this Dwarf and any of the others would eat his entire act up. All he had to do was seem afraid, distressed, worried…which he was. “It’s Toby…Toby we need to worry about. He’s hurt. A warg…it came out of nowhere…that’s what’s killing the livestock…we fought it off, but Toby’s hurt bad…”

Finally Kun did sit up, finding some strength as his plan began unfolding, and as he recalled the reason behind his mission. He was going to save his own skin. Of course, this crazy old Dwarf could have killed me before the Wargs had a chance!

“Where are the others?” he asked as he glanced around him. If he was stuck alone with this crazy Dwarf… Those beasts would not be satisfied with just one.

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