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His torch flashed and flickered as he swung back and forth, frantically looking for Kuric's tracks. The group was spread out in a long line with Lea and Ash, along with Orin, covered one area while Sam and Gorin covered another area; Erling was bringing up the rear. Gorin had guessed his Kuric's path up to now, but the path had gotten clearer to him now and Sam's keen eyes were soon to see Kuric's tracks.

Gorin's fear for the well being of Kuric soon began to turn into anger. He had no right to run off like this, he thought to himself, He'll get a piece of my mind when we catch up with him! Gorin looked back to see how closely Sam was following him, when suddenly noticed that the hobbit was standing stalk still a couple of yards back.

"What are you halting for," Gorin said impatiently, "Can't you curve your queer hobbitish ways for a little bit? We've got..."

"Shhh!" said Sam, frantically waving his hands up and down.

Gorin did as Sam said sighing and grunting; presently he heard it too, somebody was yelling for help close by. The hobbit disappeared into the brush, and Gorin started yelling at the others to come to him. Gorin followed Sam through the bushes and over tree stumps until they came to a man standing crying for help. The man had short blond hair (by dwarf standards) and was very skinny. Gorin did not know who he was and thought it strange to come upon a man alone in the wild. He stepped forward cautiously with his axe raised in readiness, suspecting that the man was a highwayman pretending to need help. The stranger immediately started yell and back away from Gorin as the dwarf walked towards him.

"Leave me alone," the stranger screamed, "Cut it out Kuric, don't hit again!"

"Kuric, he did this to you?" Gorin's face suddenly switched expressions, "Where is he?!" he said grabbing the man and shaking him violently, "Where is he, I'll teach him to run off like he did!"

"Easy with him, Gorin," Lea said running up beside Kun, "He's one of us!"

Gorin was surprised at what the girl said, had there been two groups that set out from Bree, and did he only meet with one? Before he had time to ask them this Kun spoke again.

"Wargs attacked us, but I fought them off, and Toby is hurt! Kuric's gone to get him."

Gorin stood up and through his axe into the ground. "That blasted Kuric!" he roared, his eyes blazing with fury," If I ever get him I'll... wait what did you say?" his mood suddenly changed as Kun's words of "Wargs" suddenly registered in his mind.

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