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Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Gorin slowly crept back towards the group unnoticed. Lea was holding Orin tightly and was casting a worried look up at Ash. As always, Sam was silent and was thinking to himself, at least it looked that way. Erling was looking at, listening to him speak.

Lea turned her worried face from Ash to Parkun, and asked him how he fought the Wargs off. Gorin nodded his head in silent agreement, Parkun had not struck him as the type to stand up to anything. He looked thin and boysh in the face, not at all what a fighter would look like. There was a bow strung to his back with a quiver, almost filled with arrows, and the dwarf noticed a knife hanging from Parkun's belt. Gorin's face grimaced in disgust. He fought them off? Most likely this Toby that he's talking about fought them while this coward ran, and there was nothing Gorin hated worse than a coward, unless it be a traitor.

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