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His eyes burned, his grip tightened around his axe and shield; even his beard seem to twitch with his anger. He wanted to hit Parkun, standing there and almost sobbing with fear. Such foolish behaviour should not be aloud when lives are at stake, Gorin wanted to strike him with all of his might! He stepped forward, about to do just that, when Erling's words stopped him. He was so bent on his thoughts that the words startled Gorin.

Erling's talk was calm and consciously composed, and it even sounded as if Erling pitied Parkun a bit. Gorin to mad for words, his eyes widened his stance as stiff as a stone statue. Kuric had left to save this miserable man's companion, Toby, and all that Erling could do was sound cross! It had tried his short span of patience even thinner, these people were made of lesser material than dwarfs. He did not dare to speak just yet in fear that he would snape and do something rash.

Parkun led the way sobbing, trying to compose himself as best he could. Gorin followed close behind him, infront of Lea and Ash. His eyes were fixed on Parkun and never left him.

"Good for nothing Breelander," he said not realizing that he was speaking outloud, but barely above a whisper, "If Kuric dies may that man also die, with my axe in his throat!" His words were low, but filled with his wrath.

Gorin sprinted closer to Parkun and hit him hard on the shoulder with his hand, almost causing Parkun to fall down. "Come on Parkun," he growled, "Pick up the pace or we'll never reach them in time!"
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