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Originally Posted by Tar-Jx View Post
I haven't dared set foot near the story. If it's as hopeless as the War in the North story, then that's just shameful.
It is far worse, in fact. War in the North at least didn't directly contradict or interfere much with the plot of LotR. Shadow of Mordor directly contradicts things that Tolkien wrote.

What idiots we have making our games.
Seriously, the title 'Middle Earth: Insert Name Here' will sell. Doesn't need to be recognizable by anyone, because they will buy it.
Sadly, it doesn't make them idiots, it makes them smart. Cynical exploitation has worked wonders.

Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
Nonsense, Kuru! Ive already read two articles explaining how Shadow of Mordor is totally canonical because spiritoftolkienappendicessilmarillion!
One wonders how one is supposed to deal with people like those who wrote those articles who seemingly believe, "If I say it then it must be true because I'm awesome."

The plot of the game is contrary to the letter and spirit of Tolkien falling literally under the label of something Tolkien repeatedly criticized in "trying to use the weapons and means of the Enemy against him" with first Celebrimbor and then the Celebrimbor/Talion wraith-hybrid dominating and using orc armies to fight Sauron and trying to set themselves up as the "Bright Lords of Mordor."

Vomitus stuff, really.
...finding a path that cannot be found, walking a road that cannot be seen, climbing a ladder that was never placed, or reading a paragraph that has no...
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