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Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
The plot of the game is contrary to the letter and spirit of Tolkien falling literally under the label of something Tolkien repeatedly criticized in "trying to use the weapons and means of the Enemy against him" with first Celebrimbor and then the Celebrimbor/Talion wraith-hybrid dominating and using orc armies to fight Sauron and trying to set themselves up as the "Bright Lords of Mordor."

Vomitus stuff, really.
I didn't realise how bizarre the plot for this game was until your post inspired me to go look it up, Kuru. Just going by what's stated on Wikipedia, according to 'Shadow of Mordor':
-at one point Celebrimbor stole the One Ring and tried to take over Mordor himself, Orcs and all (what happened to the War of the Elves and Sauron?)
-Nśrn was a kingdom of seafarers taken over by Sauron and their true queen was possessed by Saruman (did they think their Lake was so big it was actually the ocean?)
-outcasts from Gondor live inside Mordor (presumably the Lord of the Nazgūl was confounded by some loophole when it came to evicting squatters)
-human sacrifice, instead of being the intentionally wasteful practice of a mendacious religion, actually has magical powers
-Sauron can possess people?
-Men think they can make Rings of Power
-Celebrimbor's spirit hung around for four thousand years or so instead of heading straight for Mandos after he was slain

The only idea that comes across as remotely plausible to me is the notion of Black Nśmenórean lieutenants with titles rather than names.

As I speculated in that other thread, of course, it'd probably be a violence-for-violence's-sake generic revenge story that completely contradicts the arguments of Tolkien's work, and clearly it is.

I predict that someone on the internet at some point will inexplicably use Tśrin as an example to justify this.
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