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The King? The King had been invited? Granted, Brinn understood the importance of courtesy invitations, but Amdir seemed to think that this was something more...

What was more, she trusted his judgment--he'd been a good worker for them, had a good head on his shoulders, and knew Minas Anor the way the players never would.

"How likely do you think it is that he would accept?" she said.

"We should plan, at any rate--Master Samwise seemed very interested in attending, and he has the King's ear."

There were butterflies in Brinn's stomach. Nervously, she swallowed and tamped them down. "We won't do anything until we have confirmation--surely, if the King himself, or even his royal guest, is attending, someone will want to ensure they have the prime seats. In the meantime, we rehearse as usual. Thank you for telling me this news, Amdir--Cirdacil, you say, is the man in charge of this? You'll have to tell me more about him."

Fifteen minutes later, Brinn stood in the inn-yard. The stage waggon's front was down, with all the set markings chalked in. Fortunately, at this point very little was there, although Asta would want to run the mechanicals, of course.

She cleared her throat and looked on at their audience--three cats and one small child. More would come, no doubt, as the show progressed. "My lords and ladies--" Strange, that some might actually be there this year! "--and people of Minas Anor, come and see the deeds of days past, come to life before your very eyes! We, the King's Players, will take you on a journey to the dark days of the War of the Ring, sharing with you the mighty deeds done, when all of Middle-earth lay under shadow, and the bravery of those who broke it. Watch and see, and let your minds now be drawn to earlier times and far-off lands, to the peaceful land called Shire, whence came the mighty warrior, Frodo the Halfling, and his companions!"

She withdrew to the side, clapping to encourage the invisible audience, as Sereth--looking all too nervous for Brinn's tastes--Coldan, and Amdir, stepped on the stage.

Then she walked back to find Aldarion and discuss with him what might have to happen if they needed to rewrite the script.
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