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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Also, fun fact: initially I screwed up the roles and made 3 wolves out of habit and inattention instead of 2. The original team was Nerwen, Shasta, and HS. Just imagine what that would have been like!
Total annihilation. *shudders at the thought*

This was a fun straightforward game, thanks to G55 for modding and for your crisp and funny narrations! Rune and I were originally concerned that the late deadline (4am for both of us) would be a strong disadvantage for us, but combined with the Rule of First it actually worked out in our favour, allowing me to mess with Huey's mind without too much interference. (I honestly think the Rule of First is a daft rule though -- the last in a tie should be considered the village's best-informed choice; that's just an observation though, no criticism of G55's modding.)

I've always dreaded being left as a lone wolf, the one time it happened before I was easily lynched (by Sally and Lottie IIRC), but since it happened early and nothing obvious linked me to Rune I found it surprisingly exhilarating to have nobody and nothing to worry about except avoiding the noose at Day and choosing my menu at Night - a bit like a Werebear, I guess, except I wasn't really on my own with a cobbler in the game.

Speaking of cobblers, I was semi-kidding with Boro as Moon Moon on D1 but when Huey thought it made sense I rolled with it, mainly to avoid going wolf-on-wolf against Rune and maybe to draw some of the votes away from him, as Shasta saw correctly. N2 I thought Huey might be the Seer, since he went after Rune so single-mindedly, and almost killed him (!) but thought he might be protected, so I went for Zil instead, which worked out well I think.

D2 I didn't think much about the cobbler, although I considered Lalaith a possible one for her lack of suspicions which looked a bit like she was wary of lynching a wolf by mistake. (Yes, dear, I know you were pressed for time, but I couldn't make excuses for juicy lynchbait, could I?) I might have gone after Sally, but here comes Morsul and bang, he's the Seer! Fun fact: I really voted Lal to save Nerwen because of the Eye thing, thinking to maybe build a defense from that the next Day, but the village decided to be helpful and lynch their Ranger. That was just dumb luck.

D3 I became quite convinced that Huey was my cobbler and enjoyed quoting his declarations of my innocence to my wife. Sorry, Huey - I've played an involuntary cobbler more than once as an ordo, it can happen. I might have been in for a nasty surprise this morning, but Boro's vote and his comment on it on it tipped me off that I had been right about him after all!

Boro, I'm curious - who did you think the remaining wolf was before toDay?

Everybody - it was a pleasure to play with you again after so long! I've missed this.
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