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Re: legolas /Sindar or Noldor/Cian

I re-read the UT Tuor yesterday and as I remembered that Voronwe was 1/2 Sinda &amp;1/2 Noldo is clearly stated by and in the passing through of the gates - the third gate - of bronze was peopled mostly by the Sindar.

T-E has said <blockquote>Quote:<hr>
in Last Writings (HoME 12) JRRT mentions
that Gondolin was peopled almost entirely by the Noldor. I
have had debates with some who say that this was JRRT's
final conception he was changing this back to the long held
original version and is thus 'canon'. I however think it may
have just been some fogetfulness on his part (these late
writings show a variety of 'errors' attributable to the
Professors age and 'memory being no longer retentive').
There is a few lines later the consideration that Glorfindel
could have been a Sinda.
In any event Gondolin having a Sinda population is much
more consistant overall, though it may necesitate some
change to the Lost Tales version.<hr></blockquote>

I think you are right. It is a similar case to the final conceptions of Galadriel, as interesting as they might be there is too much disruption of excellent text to include a final ponderings and drafts that were evidently never considered in the light of the larger Legendarium or in the case of Galadriel of the published LotR/RGEO.

I put forth [in the absence of further evidence] that this conception is firmly enough embedded into the UT text that removing it due to dueling and differently interpreted linguistic texts is counter-productive. The individual linguistic notes are more easily deleted [if they have a place at all] than trying to resettle the question by manipulating the last version of Tuor, which I think has a coherence and majesty of story that is best left untampered with.

Welcome Cian - if you have read the 'Introduction to the forum' thread you may know your participation here is most welcome - I hope we see you regularly here, especially as the thornier linguistic issues come up. Let us know if you wish to be counted as a voting member [in linguistic area's or on the project in general] - there is more re: this in the 'Intro to the Forum &amp; Project ' thread.

A linguistic question re: the legolas name issue- is the Quenya listed in the notes to LT [ I am not sure iif it is in the back or after FoG] under the Legolas entry [that I quoted above] the later version of quenya? I am not looking at Cian and my posts simaltaneously but I think the spelling of the Q. version of legolas differs. Are we translating different roots or is it due to different era's of quenya.

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