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I'll have to try that with my little cousins.
You really should! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] It takes a little time, and they really have to want to learn it and respond to it for it to work.

~You've read the appendix more than three times over and giggled gleefully everytime you see the part about the Barrow Downs

~When someone else is watching the movie you can quote the words from downstairs, even though you can hardly hear the music

~You are currently trying to teach all three of your younger sisters how to speak Quenya and Sindarin

~All your sibblings call you by your elven name, knowing it's the only way they'll ever get your attention
i indo ye vanya mi amaura cl~*Lcwen*Elerna*Eruiel*
Soooo..... I'm still doing the wave, anyone else? Anyone? Yeah!!
Hmmm... What is that?
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