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My almost twelve-year-old brother says that he has a friend at school who is a member of the Barrow-Downs. When I asked him about it, he told me he doesn't know what his friend's username is, but he swears that he is a Downer. I look forward to having the mystery solved.

My brother has been talking a lot recently about the Downs, actually. After giving a report on Downs-happenings to my family the other day, our house has just been full of Downs-talk. Brother has been talking about the Hobbit movie and joining the Downs. We have had this talk before, of course. My answer was the same to him today as it always has been "you need to read LotR before you join the Barrow-Downs, otherwise you will be confused." I quite expect that once he has read Lord of the Rings in its entirety that he will join the ranks of the dead not long after. My addiction to the Barrow-Downs has manifested itself in my brother. I'm so proud!
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