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A few additions froum LT found while working on my draft for The Flight of the Noldor:

… Thus they held vigil in the night of Valinor, and their thought passed back beyond Eš and forth to the End; yet neither power nor wisdom assuaged their grief, and the knowing of evil in the hour of its being. SM-EX-01.1 <LT Now came that grievous news to the {Gods}[Valar] and the other Elves, and at first none believed. Nonetheless the tidings came still unto them, and by many different messengers. Some were of the SM-EX-01.2 Teleri, who had heard the speech of Feanor in the square of {Kor}[Tirion] and had seen the {Noldoli}[Noldor] SM-EX-01.3 prepair to depart thence with all the goods they might convey.> {Neither}Now did {they}Valar mourn more for the death of the Trees than for the marring of FŽanor: of all Melkor’s works the most wicked.
… Thus, even as Eru spoke to us, shall beauty not before conceived be brought into Eš, and evil yet be good to have been.'
'And yet remain evil,' quoth Mandos. 'To me shall FŽanor come soon.'>
SM-EX-01.4 <LT {others}Other messengers were of the {Solosimpi}[Teleri], and these brought the dire tidings of the swanships' rape and the dread kinslaughter of the Haven, and the blood that lay on the white shores of {Alqalunte}[AqualondŽ].
Lastly came some hotfoot from Mandos who had gazed upon that sad throng nigh the strands of {Amnor}[Araman], and the {Gods}[Valar] knew that the {Gnomes}[Noldor] were far abroad, and Varda and all the Elves wept, for now seemed the darkness black indeed and that more than the outward light of the fair Trees was slain.>
SM-EX-01.5 <LT Ulmo alone came not to the Trees, but went down to the beach of Eldamar, and there he stood gazing into the gloom far out to sea, and he called often with his most mighty voice as though he would draw back those truants to the bosom of the {Gods}[Valar], and whiles he played deep longing music on his {magic}[enchanted] conches, and to him alone, lest it be Varda lady of the stars, was the going of the {Gnomes}[Noldor] a greater grief than even the ruin of the Trees. Aforetime had Ulmo loved the {Solosimpi}[Teleri] very dearly, yet when he heard of their slaughter by the {Gnomes}[Noldor] he grieved indeed but anger hardened not his
heart, for Ulmo was foreknowing more than all the {Gods}[Valar], even than great ManwŽ, and perchance he saw many of the things that should spring from that flight and the dread pains of the unhappy {Noldoli}[Noldor] in the world, and the anguish wherewith they would expiate the blood of {Kopas}[AqualondŽ], and he would that it need not be.>
SM-EX-01.6 <LT Strange is to tell that albeit Aule had loved the {Noldoli}[Noldor] above all the Elves and had taught them all they knew and given them great stores of wealth, now was his heart most turned against them, for he deemed them ingrate in that they had bidden him no farewell, and for their ill deeds among the {Solosimpi}[Teleri] he was grieved to the heart. "Speak not," said he, "the name of the {Noldoli}[Noldor] ever again unto me," and albeit he gave still his love to those few faithful {Gnomes}[Noldor] who remained still SM-EX-01.7{ about his halls}, yet did he name them thereafter "Eldar".
But the {Teleri}[Vanyar] and the {Solosimpi}[Teleri] having wept at first, when the onslaught of the Haven became known to all dried their tears and horror and anguish held their hearts, and they too spake seldom of the {Noldoli}[Noldor], save sadly or in whispers behind closed doors; and those few of the {Noldoli}[Noldor] that remained behind were named the Aulenosse or kindred of Aule, or were taken into the other kindreds, and the {Gnome-folk}[Noldor] {have}had no SM-EX-01.8{place or }name remaining now in all Valinor.> SM-EX-02 <LT Suddenly there {is}was a sound of wings in that place, for {Sorontur}[Sorontar] King of Eagles {is}was come again on strong wings through the dusk, …

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