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There had been ‘The Nap’. Mother insisted on it each day. Seren, of course, slept, as she was just five. Taffy was allowed to sit on his bed for a space of time, quietly engaging in some occupation. Drawing perhaps, or reading the little chapbook his Uncle had given him – Wild tales of animals who could talk and how they helped or tricked or bested the Hobbit characters depending on what the story was.

He like the one best about the fiery colored dragon. It made him shiver at the thought of those teeth and claws and flaming breath. But he liked how smart the old worm was and how he could trick people just using their own words against them.

And now naptime was over. They’d had a nice cold glass of cider each, and a fat jam sandwich from the kitchen. Something to tide them over ‘til supper. Taffy was sent out to the front lawn to supervise his sister. And he thanked his lucky stars that the two children of the Innkeeper, Daisy and Dorlind, had come out to play, too, keeping her company. A quick game of tag was organized and Taffy played for a bit, then left the three to their own devices as he sat on the bottom step of the inn. He’d been thinking about that dragon he’d read about. There had been a small drawing penned along the edge of the page, giving the author’s idea of what the great beast looked like.

Taffy hauled a nice little block of soft wood from his pocket and fetched out his whittling knife. He turned the piece of wood over and over, considering it from all sides. And when he’d got the feeling for the flow of the grain, he began to rough out the dragon’s shape.
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