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Bellyn did not dare move with haste, and only moved when Nethwador instructed her to do so. The notes did not come out clear, and Bellyn almost felt embarrassed when the scratchy, rought notes flowed out into the air. The notes came out slow and steady as Nethwador guided Bellyn's hand that held the bow. Bellyn did not learn as quickly as the dark boy had, and this flustered the Gondorian girl, for she could feel all the eyes of her companions on her and Nethwador.

She practiced the notes Nethwador had taught her slowly, and the boy nodded as she recited the sounds. If she made a mistake, she searched valiantly for the right note, using only her ears until Nethwador would kindly and timidly step in to rearrange her left hand on the fingerboard. Bellyn did not understand the music that came out of the little fiddle, for she did not understand music as Liornung did. She did not know how the music came out of the wooden thing, and why the notes sounded so well together. Yet somehow the music sounded lovely and felt wonderful in her hands instead of within her own voice.

Nethwador gestured his hands for Bellyn to pick up speed in the little tune, and gradually Bellyn played the same tune Nethwador had. Her version just sounded a bit more screeching and, to Bellyn, less pleasing to hear. When Bellyn had played the tune a few times over, she slowly pulled the fiddle from its resting place between her chin and shoulder. She looked to Nethwador and smiled happily, pleased that she could actually pull a tune out of something so complicated and also appreciative of her teacher.

"Now, if only we had two of these," Bellyn examined the viol with a great grin on her face. "Would that not be wondrous? It would sound lovely and harmonious, I imagine, having two playing the tune. Liornung and Nethwador could play..." Bellyn paused, looking away from Nethwador and the fiddle for just a moment. "...and Argeleafa could sing! It would lighten our hearts and lift our spirits, certainly."
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