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December 20: Taitheneb

Taitheneb leaned back in the grass with his weight on one elbow. Slowly he nibbled on a small piece of lembas bread while he watched the young people with the musician’s instrument. Throwing a glance over his shoulder he saw Erebemlin stretched out on his back looking to the sky. Taitheneb followed his gaze. A few wispy clouds glided across the heavens, but the younger elf was more interested in watching the young humans. “They have..." The elf paused to find the right word for his thoughts. "...harmony. Do you see it?” He whispered over his shoulder, but kept his eyes on Nethwador and Bellyn.

Erebemlin shook his head as though he were pulling his thoughts from somewhere else. “What, mellon? Harmony? Who?”

“The young ones…have you not seen the way they have worked together here.”

Erebemlin pushed himself up to his elbows and looked to the group of mortals. He saw them sitting while Nethwador and the lady Bellyn produced rough notes upon Liornung’s fiddle.

Taitheneb waited until he knew the other elf was looking and then continued. “They move together like a dance. Each is afraid of the other, yet enchanted in a way that they cannot remove themselves.”

Erebemlin shook his head again and chuckled slightly. “You care too much for the ways of the mortals, mellon.”

Taitheneb turned and studied Erebemlin’s face. He opened his mouth as if to speak and then quickly closed it, returning his gaze to the young humans. The elf knew Erebemlin had never married, nor found a love beyond his duty. Taitheneb on the other hand understood the beauty and wonder of eternal love…not that these young humans had found this sort of love, but they may if they continue to work and grow together.

Now Taitheneb lay back, putting his head on the prickly grass. Closing his eyes he pictured Gwaewen’s smooth and glowing face. Her eyes had always lit up when she saw him, and he would tremble when she held his hand. He missed her terribly, but he knew they would meet again upon the shining shores. Until then, he would patiently wait, feeding on his memories.

Whether he had lain there a very few minutes or an hour when Taitheneb felt a gently hand on his arm, he knew not. Opening his eyes he found, Erebemlin kneeling over him. “We must be on our way,” he said simply. Taitheneb nodded and rose. Within minutes the company had returned to their horses and was moving at a quick pace along the river.

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