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Dreamflower's Musings by Dreamflower

Originally Posted by Dreamflower
This will be a place where I can share some of my non-fiction thoughts regarding Tolkien, his world, and the fanfiction written about it. NEW: Number 10: "Characterization in Fanfic: Using Canon as the DNA for Your Characters" An essay on making the most of canon when constructing your characters.
(Site in progress)

Chapter 1: The Validity of Fanon in Hobbit Fanfiction
Chapter 2: Tolkien's Use of Expletives
Chapter 3: Hobbit Ages
Chapter 4: Gandalf's Visits to the Shire
Chapter 5: The Importance of Being Bilbo
Chapter 6: The Myth of the One Ring's Power
Chapter 7: Hobbit Names and Naming Conventions
Chapter 8: The Shire Calendar
Chapter 9: Are You On the Outside Looking In...or the Inside Looking Out?
Chapter 10: Characterization in Fanfic: Using Canon as the DNA for Your Characters

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