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I was in a guild for that...about...well, three years ago? And it still hasn't come out, so I must say I've rather lost interest. There's also that money issue.

If I have the money, though, I'm a sucker for MMORPGs, particularly when I have people to play with. So I'll keep a BD guild in mind.

Apparently it is pretty good, from what I've heard from CaptainofDespair who has talked to beta testers. It runs a lot like all the other major MMORPGs, so it may not be anything new under the sun...except that it's a Lord of the Rings MMORPG. Not necessarily bad at all.

There is still an issue with PvP, though, apparently. No one seems to know for sure what they're doing with it. They say that there is no straight-forward PvP, but they've hinted that there's going to be some sort of other kind of different it can be, I don't know. There also hasn't been any news about that in a while, I believe, so...who knows.

I don't know much else, except that the fact that it switched developers since I first started looking at it had me worried. It seemed to separate itself from the movies nicely, even it's original name of "Middle-Earth Online" further separating it from the strictly people-only-know-about-"Lord of the Rings"-because-of-the-movies thing. I haven't really looked into it in a while, though, so I can't say too much.

Edit: Okay, sorry, apparently Turbine just bought out Vivendi so they would be both publisher and developer.

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