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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Actually I was being completely serious, Farael, dear.

So what kinds of characters shall be allowed in this lovely new kinship?

*is working on getting a job to insure she has enough money for the game, founders thing, a new laptop, and for her trip to Europe...somehow*

You've almost got me sold. I just need to play it now and get hooked.

Open Beta does start a few weeks before the actualy release (or at least a couple), so we should all at least get the chance to try it out then. And then if I'm successfully hooked, I will be forking over $200 and begging my parents to help me out with my computer situation...unfortunately they know I don't need a gig of RAM and a good graphics card to write papers and do research for college....

Edit: Hehe, cross-posted with your edit, Farael

And now for questions... If ya know and feel like answering; if not, no worries.

So does there seem to be enough "quest lines" so to speak? And have you experienced any of those "encounter" type deals? I've never played a game with those before (I've only ever played free MMORPGs, actually, and not very much), and though I've had them explained to me, it would be interesting to see what their like in LOTRO in particular...that is, if you have any idea.

Oh, and though I know you haven't had too much of a chance to do anything, how is the character progression/leveling looking? Is how you develop your character pretty versatile, in character creation and as you level?

Hehe, sorry for all the questions, but I trust your judgment, if you can and want to answer them.

Thanks muchly for all your info!

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