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Originally Posted by Durelin
So, can you only go to certain places with certain types of characters? Or is it like you start out in certain places with certain types of characters, and have to do things to expand your world or something?
Well, each race has their starting point, but the world is open. I saw hobbits where the elves start, elves in The Shire, Dwarves in The Barrow Downs (wait, that was me)

So there isn't a great variety of skills? What about appearances, and the variety of items (particularly armour and weapons)? It'll get really boring if everyone's running around with the same gear... Though I understand that this is only the beta.
There are LOTS of skills, and lots of "titles" you can win for your character (For example, my dwarf right now has about eight titles that I can set to show next to my name if I want to.. one at the time, of course) and not only there are lots of armour but you can also use dyes on them to customize them further. What they were complaining about is that everyone can (and for the most part everyone does) get the same skills, there is nothing stopping you from having the exact same set of skills that everyone else.

Still, character looks are very varied (you get to choose from their eye colour to how fat/built they are), there are plenty of different kinds of armour to go around (and even more, several kinds of armour that have the same stats but a different look.

Now, as a side-note, guess where I wondered last night?

I had to go find something at a "hill or a barrow" but not at the barrow downs.. yet the 'downs weren't so far off and I had a quest to do there... even though I wasn't of "high enough level" I tried it out anyway.

IT IS AMAZING!! The feel of that place is truly scary... when I saw my first barrow wight I wasn't sure if I should attack it or run away.

Then I Got over it and killed a couple of them. I also saw for the first time long-ranged baddies... so far as a hunter I've had a bit of an edge one-on-one because I could start shooting arrows at them from afar, use a special skill that's an arrow that slows them down (so I can shoot even MORE arrows at them) and set traps... once I got the hang of how to do everything, I could weaken most enemies greatly before they even got close. Some of them had a little long-range skill, but the Wight Archers were the first it was a shootout. Lots of fun.

And now that you mention loot, those guys tossed out some great things!! At least for a meager level 11 dwarf that I was.
I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
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