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Originally Posted by Durelin

I'm checking my email several times a day now... you think there will be any chance of guild houses on the 'Downs?

At least, they talked about "guild houses" originally; it's been a while, though, so I have no clue if they're still a part of the game...
As far as players go, the jury on player-built houses is still out. I believe the consensus is towards "instanced" houses (i.e: not a building as part of the world, but entering a small map that is the house itself) I think most of us agree that it would be very "untolkien" to find a bunch of houses in the Old Forest.

Still, I have no idea what the Devs are thinking. I have to say that most of my Internet time is going into the game... and as always, my "forum" time is spent here at the downs rather than at the game forum.

Completely off topic, I have to say that, being in another forum for the first time in a long time, I've grown to appreciate even more how great the community is over here. I am absolutely sick of reading through a page and a half of "I totally agree with everything that has been said before" or "pwned, lolz" or even "Yeah, well, I don't care if you think such and such, because I am much better than you because this and this".

Love you guys!! *hugs all around*... no, even better *group hug!!*
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