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Originally Posted by FeRaL sHaDoW
i might of missed it but will it ever come to new zealand???
As far as I know, they have the game ready for North America and Europe... but I HAVE heard of people from Australia playing. Maybe they bought the game and they play in European or North American servers? the game would run slower, but it might be doable. Although that's just my guess.

Originally Posted by Thenamir
I doubt very much that I'll take the founder's deal, but I'd gladly be a part of the Barrow-Downs Troupee...
Keep in mind that the founder's deal has the option of (rather than paying 200 bucks for a lifetime membership) paying a 9.99$ monthly fee (which is a nice discount, I believe they expect the regular fee to be in the 15-19$ range).

If I get the founder's deal, I'll probably opt for the $9.99 fee rather than the lifetime subscription... but you never know.
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