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Evenstar1's analysis of Sam bears some thought. He is not your typical hero. He is a servant. Servanthood, along with taking up one's cross (or ring) and playing one's role in the fight against evil is a theme is both LOTR and Christianity. Sam is interesting because while he experiences a transformation in which he gains personal strength and leadership ability, he continues to think of himself as a servant. His servant's heart keeps him focused not on himself but on Frodo and Frodo's mission. In contrast, Merry and Pippin become servants in order to gain qualities Sam already possesses.

There is an amazing scene in which Sam, at a loss as to what he should do next and how he can help Frodo basically prays in Elvish, a tongue he does not speak which mirrors a version of intercessory prayer which is accepted in some Christian circles but not particularly within traditional Catholicism...that's kind of intriguing.

I think Tolkien's beliefs about the nature of a Supreme Being, how the universe works, powers arising from good and evil, and transformations in individuals arising from association with good and evil were so much a part of who he was that much of what he wrote emanated from who he was rather than from a deliberate attempt to Christianize his work. I think he incorporated elements from many cultures and myths that resonated truth to him. My conjecture is that perhaps his revisions were an attempt to make the universe he'd created more cohesive with what he invisioned would happen within the framework of what is true for Middle Earth. Not being an omnicient creator he probably needed at least one revision on creating a world.

As a Christian I've put in my two cents worth on the Tolkien and the Bible and origin of Sauron's evil threads so I won't repeat them here. I do think generally Christian and particularly Catholic elements exist in LOTR, but not exclusively.
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