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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post

The third quote at least seems to quite clearly indicate, whatever Tolkien's view of Earth's beginning was, it was not a literal copy-paste of Genesis. "A time of fire and cataclysm" does not sound like anything from the harmonious picture painted there, and to me it also sounds like simplified, average person's way of talking about the formation of primal Earth according to the latest theories in geology/astronomy of his time.

P. S. And I second the request for quotes about the Inklings - that's exactly the kind of stuff that might be interesting and good to have quoted here, if it can be found.
I think you might be right on the first. He did not just copy paste geneses. However his world was the act of speech and creation of fully formed creatures, not an evolutionary history. But once more the old earth history seems to be their.

I will do my best tomorrow to quote it, off to soccer. The book on lewis views on Darwin is a good source as well posted in my op.
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