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Late night had passed into late morning, and Avanill had spent the whole time at the inn in the corner with his books about him writing endless passages of orders.

It had not surprised him that one of the horses had been stolen. He highly doubted that it was his. That horse is the most horrible creature one oculd ever meet. he though to himself smiling as people talked about the incident. That stableman probably forgot to tie it up and blamed it on a thief.

Then Avanill came across some information he did not expect. Whispers of a female elf who had stolen the unfortunate animal. He was growning increasingly nervous from all the talk of Naiore. Many poeple had wandered through his path these days speaking of the elf who had come north. Avanill did not know what to believe, he was the kind of man who would believ when he saw, and what he had seen was enough to set his blood chill, that elf was a little to familliar than his liking.

Slipping quietly out of the inn, Avanill recovered his horse, Amathalay from the stable who snorted a greeting. "Yes, good day to you!" he cried and saddled him.

I would have liked someone to just try and steal you... would have woken the entire inn eh? That would have been a sight to see. And without delay Avanill rode off on the road.

A day from Bree and i am not late. Business calls, infact i may have to kill a man or two this very evening.he thought to himself. Bree was one of the most notorious parts of the north for being in his debt. And Avanill did not take kindly to those who did not pay.

Though young, Avanill was no stranger to these crimes. His mother had let him kill three in her debt in Minhiriath, he was fifteen. Avanill's memory still was stained with the last words of the last man.

"Mercy Atantri, let us live! We gets it to ya!"
"Mercy, i know not the meaning of the word, i fear you forget who I am Mr Orgilan. Do you not know that i am mean and i have no mercy. Let me introduce you to my son, Avanill." His mother had said throwing the man at his feet and laughed.

"A fine boy Atantri."
"Aye, a fine boy, he does his mother's bidding. He does not like it when his mother is harshly done by, as you have now. Kill him son, do me proud." and that was it, Avanill slit his throat there. The rest of the bandits had cheered him on.

"Ashes to ashes" Avanill sighed as he rode, a slight smile crept across his face. It was only a manner of hours until he reached his destination.

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