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When Rauthain entered the Prancing Pony he found Amandur and Maethor sitting with an elven maiden and another ranger who Rauthain had not met before. The ranger noticed Amandur had changed his garb and the group sat in the half shadows behind the brightly lit hearth of the common room. Rauthain bowed slightly to the lady before taking a chair from an adjacent table and drawing it near.

“Rauthain, we have been joined by two others of like interest. Lady Léspheria of Rivendell and Dúlrain, also of our brethren.” Maethor greeted him. “Now that our numbers are filled we can decide upon our course!”

“What of Hanasian?” Rauthain ventured. “Has he arrived also?”

“Hanasian has bid me to take his place in this company, for he has had to depart hastily upon receiving word of his father. I know that he did not give up this matter easily, but could not have decided otherwise. I am Dúlrain, and I will do all in my power to assist in his place.

“I for one am obliged to you,” Rauthain said. “For we can use all the help we can get. We track a wily creature to be sure, and tracing her steps has proved difficult indeed. I am Rauthain,” he said bowing slightly to him before taking his seat.

“So what have you found at the gates?” Maethor inquired. “You seem a good deal better, as if your mind has been eased somewhat.”

“Please excuse me Maethor, we had come so close in our chase, the possibility of losing the trail altogether due to the carelessness of a watchman overwhelmed my sense of propriety.” The ranger’s eyes glittered as he smiled at Léspheria. “But what is more interesting is that our lady no longer has possession of the gelding. I have traveled as far as The Greenway and found it’s distinctive mark on the far side of the road leading toward The Old Forest. It appeared to be unburdened and had a large and roughly shod boot running along side it. I say running, for it looked as though horse and companion were not overly fond of each other. No other sign have I had in north or south.”

“So our friend has had dealings already in Bree,” Amandur murmured.

“And is in likely need of a horse if she would travel on from here,” Rauthain added.

“Bree is not a large place, but it has it’s holes and hiding places and persons of dubious character, who would be willing to harbor such a one at a price,” Dúlrain commented.

“And chances are she will choose a local contact if she would arrange on onward journey, for how can one bargain for provisions while holding another captive? Surely the merchants would see something amiss.”

“But we don’t know Vanwe’s mind at this juncture,” Rauthain stated. At this Lespheria remained silent, listening to the stream of ideas passing before her.

Rauthain, remembering the circlet of wax that they had found in the Chetwood wondered to himself if Naiore might indeed have an ailment requiring medicament. Perhaps he should investigate the local herbalists. If only they knew what tincture she had made use of. “There used to be a shiftless relative of Bill Ferny still in these parts. What of him? Perhaps he could be persuaded to name some of his associates.”

“Barrold,” Amandur interjected. “Barrold Ferny. And it seems that we have missed him as this is apparently a haunt of his, but he was not worth the trouble for his money this evening and Butterbur has sent the staggering fellow out early.”

“Do we know where he stays now?” Rauthain questioned.

“Somewhere on the eastern fringes of town, I recall.”

“Then we had best head there as well, for I know no better time to interview a man than when he is staggering, though it try our patience!”

“We must find the place first, And I don’t believe it common knowledge.”

The conversation lapsed for a time as the rangers pondered their next move. But for now Rauthain contented himself with the fact that Naiore was close by and had not been successful in eluding them this day at least.

Getting up he walked over to the fire and relit the remnants of pipeweed that had gone out earlier that evening. Settling back down again he was prepared for an evening discussing their stategy and tactics should they find Naiore's whereabouts more nearly.

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