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Another dead ???

Bilbo_baggins was quickly bound, but now the four remaining villagers were less sure of themselves. The straps were placed carefully on the hobbit’s ankles and wrist, but without the malice of the previous day. The shackles lay unused at the base of the gallows, and there was no taunting or attacks as he was led to the noose. The reluctant executioners had a moment of silence before the trap was opened and bilbo fell downward. He managed to shout 'Aure entuluva! ' before his neck snapped loudly, echoing across the village square. Everyone rushed forward to protect themselves if necessary, but it was painfully obvious that they had the blood of another innocent on their hands.

Inside, the werewolf was howling with gleeful laughter.


  • Oddwen
  • Feanor of the Peredhil
  • Kuruharan
  • Mithalwen
  • Shelob (Villager) - mangled by werewolves during Night 1
  • Anguirel (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 1
  • The Saucepan Man (Villager) – shredded and simmered by werewolves during Night 2
  • Firefoot (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 2
  • mormegil (The Seer) - shredded horrificallyby a werewolf on Night 3
  • Primrose Bolger (Villager) – hanged on Day 3 on suspicion of being a werewolf
  • the phantom (Villager) – gone missing on Night 4, presumed killed by werewolves
  • bilbo_baggins (Villager) – hanged on Day 4 on suspicion of being a werewolf
Werewolves: 1
Villagers: 3

NIGHT begins at 6PM tonight and ends at 6AM tomorrow.
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