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I'm not sure I entirely agree with your sig there Estel.

Misleading is the key, not necessarily lying per se...

Note for The Saucepan Man

I heartily endorse the no-retraction rule on voting. I'm not so sure about mandating a minimum amount of debate though. I think just a no retraction rule would probably serve the purpose of making people think before they vote more effectively than a set amount of time. (Might help avoid awkward situations like arose at the start of DAY 4. bilbo_baggins was within a hair's breadth of being put down before he even had a chance to say a word, let me tell you... )

Setting a minimum debate time might be counterproductive in stimulating debate because people might be afraid to say anything before the minimum time had passed.

EDIT: I trust we will get a new thread for the next game (although I haven't decided if I want to play yet...I may just want to sit back and bask and gloat !)
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