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Amazing posts and I love all the new characters! I have to say Legate may have stolen the show though with Áforglaed talking to the chicken.

LMP, I decided to continue Wilheard and Eodwine's dialogue after all. I'm afraid Wilheard is even worse at niceties than his father...

Gal, I had Brith reply to Ledwyn. Language troubles ahoy. Brith speaks very little of Rohirric, mostly what she picked up in Edoras over the winter. I don't know how many Rohanians would speak the common tongue? Everyone seems to speak it in The Lord of the Rings, but the "everyone" we see are soldiers, often officers. It sounds a little odd that a majority of the peasants would know a second language. Brith might need her "uncles" - or *nudge nudge* maybe someone else eventually? - around to translate with some people!

Firefoot, Folwren and whoever else is writing about the stables, just a heads-up that you've got to newcomer veteran soldiers bringing in horses, first an Eorling with two horses and the a Gondorian with one. They are NPCs so do what you will with them, but just so you know there's traffic that way.

, I just wrote a little filler for Modtryth. If Stigend is too weepy, please let me know. He just seemed quite rattled (and I'm not saying it's not for a reason. I find it very amusing how he's always so much more emotional than Modtryth). Now it looks like Leodthern has been told to tell Modtryth to take care of the arriving things in the kitchen, so I think she'll be busy with that and doesn't have time to chat with her husband, so I guess you can figure out something else for Stigend to do?

PS. I actually found more old Brith posts back from 2006! Turns out she has even worse tolerance for alcohol than Wilheard and becomes very self-pitying when drunk. Can we have a feast so my characters can embarrass themselves? Also apparently her horse is called Grayday (what a silly name!)

PPS. Added Heafoc to my list and updated Wilheard's bio a tiny bit. He now has a nasty war scar.

PPPS. Don't you worry Folwren. It is Thornden's job to boss people around.
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