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Gaffer Hugo was about to reply, and Mira was sure it would be yes, when Rudy barged in. Mira was disappointed with how he responded to her idea.

"What's this! Brandy Hall? Visiting Tansy? How can you ask such a thing from the Gaffer? Mira you should know better. You will have to excuse her, Gaffer, sometimes she forgets her manners."

She brightened up again immediately when Gaffer Hugo spoke in her defense. As he sat down she served him, giving him an extra piece of bacon as a thanks.

“Yes, Rudy, do come. It will be a lovely day, perfect for a ride. And you'll enjoy yourself.” She almost added that he could boss her around more thouroghly if he came, but refrained, as she would prefer to have him in a good mood. She served him a full plate, then filled her own, covering the remaining cakes and bacon for her father.

As she sat down, she asked, “So when can we start?”
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