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Bunny began the day with a smile. She had had a wonderful dream, where she had frolicked in the grass, hand in hand with a beautiful tree maiden. Her mind was torn from her dream when her nose caught the scent of cooking food. Upon opening her eyes Bunny realized that it must be quite late, she had been tired and had slept longer than usual. She had planned to get up early to have a few minutes alone to talk with Tansy.

Her pack was in ruins and they would need to get supplies. But how? and from whom? Surely Tansy's family could not be expected to supply things for them both. Bunny scolded herself for her clumsiness the day before. Now she would need to have her clothes washed and her pack had to be emptied and cleaned. They would not be off as quickly as Bunny had hoped.
Peeling of the covers Bunny ran her fingers through her unruly hair. She had gone to bed with it wet and she knew she would look an awful sight. She would also need to wear her nightgown to breakfast if she would hope to get any at all.

None of this could put a damper on Bunny's mood, she was determined to have a productive, engaging day. They could get started tomorrow morning if the rain held off and she got her things in order.
She quickly made the bed and straightened herself up a little more and headed to the kitchen. As she crossed the door frame Bunny looked down at her feet, running head long into Tansy who had come to fetch her. "Oi! good morning Tansy, are you having a wonderful day so far? Sorry I slept so late, and please do excuse my appearance, I'm afraid all of my clothes have gotten wet, and night clothes will have to do for breakfast. Bunny rubbed the spot on her forehead where they had collided. " Tansy dear I'm afraid we will need more supplies then I thought, do you have any idea where we could get them? We should leave as soon as possible as long as the weather holds up."
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