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§51d laughed -> answered: But it was equally disrespectfull for Beren to laughed at his mother in law in TN than it is in our version. So why should we change it? Okay, Melain is now a bit more of a respected figure through out, but that does not change the disrespectfullness of Beren in this scene so much for me. I see it more like a mark of the curse of the Nauglamír (and the Silamril) that he begins to value his own thoughts above that of Melian.
It can still be disrespectful but not in a way to diminish the character of Beren. I just don't think that the character of Beren would laugh at Melian, the curse of the gold and the Silmaril would in fact remain because of the fact that he chose to keep it against her advice.

§56b If "Dior waxed wroth" does not fit together with <TY [Thus he returned] {Dior returns} no answer /to their claim./> we have to remove the fisrt phrase since the second is later. The § was a kind of an experiment, if "Dior waxed wroth" and the answer "if you like to have a Silmaril go to Angband" would fit with the "no answer of TY. But it seemed it will not fit and thus we should go back to:
I'm not so sure about that. I think that we can have it both ways:
§56b (§50) RD-SL-32 But <TY Maedhros restrain{s}[ed] his brethren.> RD-EX-85 <TN Thus was it that they sent Curufin the Crafty to Dior, and told him of their oath, and bid him give that fair jewel back unto those whose right it was; but Dior gazing on the loveliness of Elwing would not do so, and he said that he could not endure that the Nauglamír, fairest of earthly craft, be so despoiled. ‘Then,’ said Curufin, ‘must the Nauglamír unbroken be given to the sons of Fëanor,’ and Dior waxed wroth, bidding him be gone, nor dare to claim what his sire Beren {the Onehanded} won {with his hand} from {the [?jaws] of Melko}[Morgoth] {– ‘other twain are there in the selfsame place,<editorial addition[/u] where this had come from,>’ said he, ‘an your hearts be bold enow.’}>[b]RD-EX-86 <TY [Thus Curufin] {Dior} returned {no /clear/}[with that] answer /to their claim./}>
I'm ok with the other two alterations.
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