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Re: athelas

The only herb book I can find makes no mention of kingsfoil or athelas, but then, it's more about herbal remedies rather than different varieties of herbs. Maybe next time I'm at a library I'll try finding a proper herb book. (Yes, this topic has made me curious.)

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> In Middle-Earth, a healing plant brought from Numenor. It grew only in places where Numenoreans had lived or camped. In the hands of Aragorn, or other heirs of Elendil, it had potent powers of restoration
-Entry for 'athelas' in The Tolkien and Middle-Earth Handbook, by Colin Duriez<hr></blockquote>
I'm not sure where the stuff about only growing where numenoreans had lived or camped came from. I can't remember that being in the LotR... (don't tell me my memory is going already, at age 14!)

Perhaps HoME XIII, 'Myths Transthorned, annals of the plants, (including herbs) and animals of the Middle-Earth' would be of more use? <img src=wink.gif ALT="">

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