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Re: athelas

*Mithadan slumps back in his chair, stunned by the evil pun. His eyelids flutter as the poison of Nazsaul's bad breath begins to leech his life away. A tall, rascally-looking figure clad in a well-made grey cloak fastened by a broach in the form of an eagle adorned with a bright green stone leaps through the door of his office. He lights a cheap aromatherapy candle in a plastic wrapper bearing cryptic runes which read &quot;1/2 off, close out, athelas&quot;. Waiting to ensure that Mithadan is reviving, the figure leaps out the window, falling 10 floors only to have his fall broken when he lands full atop a balrog bearing a sign proclaiming &quot;Out of work. Wings Stolen. Please help.&quot; Leaving some change behind, the grey-clad figure disappears into the deep underbrush in front of the building. In a rare moment of sychronicity, both Mithadan and the balrog murmur, &quot;I've got to get out more,&quot; and return to their respective duties.*

"The Silmarils with living light
were kindled clear, and waxing bright
shone like stars that in the North
above the reek of earth leap forth." </p>
That which once was shall be again!
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