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just a small couple of points to modify what your saying:
the olog-hai were not orcs, but a strong race of Trolls bred by Sauron at the end of the Third Age. Unlike others of Troll-kind, they could endure the light of the Sun. I think this is true, but if you can find the relevant passage from the books, then ill be wrong.
I dont think it is possible that gandalf could be held by Saruman for 30 or so years seeing as from the time he left frodo to the time he met him again in rivendell less than one year or so had passed.
as for the creation of Goblins, as i said earlier, tolkien uses the term orc and goblin interchangeably, suggesting that they are one and the same, not a race apart. On top of this, they could not be a seperate race, as only Eru had the power to give life to a race, so in making Goblins, Melkor would have broken one of the axani (laws) set down by Eru.

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