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(Am I even allowed to post my thoughts here?...)

For me a large part of the issues with the RPGs is that the ones that we do have going take up so much time and energy from the players that they last far longer than the original "expected time commitment."

For me the difference between WW and RPGs is that WW is like a very long sprint, whereas the RPGs are more like marathons. And since you must rely on other people to remain just as committed it's hard to even make that first step when you see so much else (even in inns!) flag as people's personal circumstances change. I do have a couple of characters and even an idea for a game or two, but I don't see enough other people who have the time to help create a game right now--especially if they are involved in other games that are ongoing and flagging...

It's a downright shame to me, because (as I've mentioned on the WW threads) Werewolf is often far too exhausting for me, whereas I think I could manage something "slow and steady" for an RPG. But you know that a Werewolf game will only last for x amount of time, so if you have that time you can commit to that.

I love the verbal talents of the 'Downers--their writing styles and their takes on Tolkien's world are much more consonant with mine than with the more regular community of writers I'm involved with, and since even before I've joined I've longed to create something together with them.

At any rate it seems paltry for me to even post on a thread like this one, in a forum that is reserved only for the most ancient and venerable of 'Downers. But that's my two cents on what's happened to the Roleplaying community here.
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