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Pipe Barrow Downs RP Writing

Having only been in on creating and starting one RP story here on Barrow Downs (Lingering Darkness in the Shire - had to quit due to real life issues), I have to say I found it hard to open up with a free-flowing creativity. It seemed to be more 'RP story construction' than 'RP story creation'. The supposed tale 'time limit' and requests for re-edits of posts, moderator re-edits of posts, and PM questions over some minor details did little to encourage my creativity, and it actually felt more like work to write instead of enjoyment. Its likely why I didn't re-enter the RP realm here after I managed to get life sorted and was able to spend more time online.

That said..I'm full of ideas on Tolkien Middle Earth RP story outlines and settings, and even have some few post Ringwar mash-ups, but I again have to say I'm not really comfortable writing RP here on the Barrow Downs.

Just my 2

Edit: A month later and I guess nobody wants to, or is here to discuss this. Oh well.

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