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Fea faced the doorway of her shop, lecturing the street children that had tried to slip past her notice, when she heard teeth snap together entirely too close to her backside.

She spun and grabbed a loaf, the long and crusty kind meant to dip in soup to soften it before one eats it, and hoisted it like a club until she saw the horrified expression on the stranger's face, and the well pleased chomping of the donkey. Her anger melted into a chuckle as the donkey flicked his tail at a fly, absently chawing away at one of the best buttery loafs.

"Ah, well, that one had a fly land on it earlier anyhow."

Ghalakržd's face pinkened. "I... I will pay-"

Fea eyed the woman's shabby cart and its bruised apples. This late in market day, most folks had already bought all they needed, and all that was left to buy were the things the folks had the temerity and the coin to want. They'd not be wanting second-rate apples, to be sure. If the woman got any attention, it would be from the street rats Fea had just chased away from her own wares. It would never do.

The baker met the apple seller's eyes. "Well, of course it will need to be paid for, but I've an idea. I wanted to make some apple bread for tomorrow, but when I sent my boy off to find some fruit, he came back with good eatin' apples that I couldn't bear to cut and cook. Of course the rotten scoundrel knew that all along, so it meant he got a big sweet apple with his noon time meal, and it means I haven't got an apple to my name, and a long list of customers planning to stop by my stall on the morrow, hoping to buy a big spiced loaf loaded with fruit. Mayhap we could arrange an understanding between us?"
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