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"I've a loaf of white and a loaf of brown that both go well with whatever you serve. Not too sweet, filling, and simple. A humble bread. Shall I wrap the loaves?"

"That would be a good thing. Thank you," Ghalakrėd replied. She finished counting out two and a half dozen apples and took the bread from Fea. "That is it, I suppose?" The woman nodded, turning to help the man who waited patiently all this time.

Ghalakrėd clicked her tongue - a signal for the donkey to move along. The beast followed her at a sullen walk. He didn't get another cake, not even an apple! "Hurry up, Horse!" the Mistress called. Horse? Horse? This was something unexpected, though not at all unpleasant. Maybe I should eat more bread next time, if she likes that! he thought, quickening his pace to a dignified trot.

Ghalakrėd led the way to an empty spot in the market. In a few minutes she positioned the cart in such a way that it would be seen better. She unbuckled the donkey to let him have some rest, but tied the end of his rope to the side of the wagon, so that he won't go about doing any more mischief. She then unwrapped two pieces of pottery - a jug and a bowl - from the cloths that covered them and kept them from developing cracks on every rut in the road. She put them on the visible spot, next to the apples. She had other pieces, but she did not want to put all out at the same time.

Seeing as there were few people around and she would not be able to get much attention with her wares, Ghalakrėd sat down on a rag beside her cart and took out a thin piece of wood and a small metal tool. She began whittling away at it. This was going to be a pennywhistle.
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