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My thoughts (and me too!)

Actually so far on the Downs, this is one of my favorite threads and probably the one I post the most on. On other threads I tend to come in after they have started and being new here (on a board of many long term members) I guess I am still trying to figure out what has been discussed and what has not since it seems some are core about not wanting to get into previous posts/issues. I will say though that out of the 3 LOTR sites I post on, this is the one that approaches what I want, good solid thinking, reflection and use of the many text sources to discuss this wonderful world.

That is one reason I love this thread! It makes me think about what I am listening to. As a former executive and now an educator I enjoy escaping to Tolkien to make me reflect on life itself. Weird I know. Enough to that stuff though.

Davem hit on some of the points I would have brought up so I'll try some other angles. I noticed that the poems/songs by Legolas (Nimrodel) was left out and I felt that was a wonderful edit from the text. The story of Amroth and Nimrodel though important to the lore of Middle Earth, does not move the story forward.

I concur on Ian Holm's part. I love his acting/voice over here and though I don't get a lump, I feel the pit in the stomach when I hear Frodo struggle at the end of his poem/lament/memoir of Gandalf.

I enjoyed Celeborn's portrayl also and felt it was much better than the film.

The mirror scene was extremely well done and not over dramatic. I wonder for those who have heard this adaptation and only scene the movie what they thought? I liked how Galaderial is in this scene and it is not over the top.

I also think that Douglas Livingston did a great job with Gimli here. His voice over on leaving Lorien and his thoughts on his Lady made me really think of that Chivarious love of the Medieval Period.

Besides no Amon Hem, the shooting of the Nazgul was deleted and I thought that was a significant event to not included. That incident combined with the orc voices increases the tension and forces the company to move more swiftly to their decision. I was sad that in both the movie (even the extended edition) that was not included nor in the radio adapation.

Finally the last interaction of Frodo and Sam I think provides a great insight into their relationship while conveying a sense of hope in that relationship. I could hear Frodo's relief when Sam demands to go or to put hole in all the boats and Ian did a great job here, and kudos should be given to William Nighey.

A thought on the background noises. What I have realized that I really appreciate in the production is that for me, the vast majority of the sounds do not distract me from the acting that is occurring. I am more focused on the inflection, the tension, the relief, the sorrow that is conveyed by the actors and their voices. I think this is perhaps on the harder challenges in audio only, that of portraying a mood, a feeling, an emotion without having visual aide. I think it is even harder in today's world where so much is visual from gaming systems, to television, to cell phones, to the internet and computers to the ease of video conferencing or netconferencing. We are moving into a period where it is very critical to still be able listen and gather information off voice. That is one thing I love about this series. It is a medium to do this. That is why on long trips, we take this series and the many book on cd's we own with us, and have our kids listen.

Anyway, my thoughts.
"At any minute it is what we are and are doing, not what we plan to be and do that counts."
JRR Tolkien in 6 October 1940 letter to Michael Tolkien
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