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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
Having been listening again and I am so glad that the gift giving was included in full. It is something that could so easily have been sacrificed to some extent but having seen the threat to the Shire in the Mirror, the box of earth gives hope for healing of whatever wounds may be inflicted. It also preserves a link to the larger mythology since the lone mallorn in the shire and the renewed white tree in Gondor are images of the Two Trees of Valinor.
There are just so many 'little' things like that that a less sensitive adaptor would have thrown out. I was quite surprised to read that the BBC were negotiating the radio rights to LotR before they had an adaptor - or was that what happened? Was it the case that they were going for the rights & when they got them they would just have looked for a handy adaptor? I know Michael Bakewell was drafted in because he had adapted War & Peace for Radio 4, but was there anyone else in mind? I can't help thinking how lucky we were to have someone like Brian involved who actually loved the book & was prepared to include such little details.
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