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Originally Posted by Rune
In the Volsunga Sage (Vųlsung Saga) Fafnir turns into a dragon after killing his brother out of greed. In other stories we are told how the god Freya posses a swan skin, wich enables her to become a swan and fly. Or how ordinary people puts on wolf skins and becomes a wolf (or werewolfs).
So in the latter cases, its the skin which possesses the qualities of the beast it suggests? That to me suggests that its not the wearer but the skin which has the 'powers'.

Originally Posted by Bethberry
The very fact of having the phrase "vampire form" suggests that the author of The Silm assumed his readers would understand the word. Otherwise, why not simply say "bat form"? It's sort of like having your cake and eating it too.
Indeed. A vampire is a very specific creature or being. It is at once both human and bat. We wouldn't say 'werewolf' when we meant 'wolf', after all. I also find that Tolkien had a very good awareness of the Gothic form, evident in his depictions of Moria, the Nazgul and the high, dark adventures and perils of Beren and Luthien in Angband.

Originally Posted by ninja91
Is it known if Thuringwethil had any offspring? Sorry for the thread interruption, I do that alot...
Don't be sorry! In fact, that could be a very good basis for some fan fic or an RPG character!

We've pondered where the Fell Beasts came from, what sort of creatures they were, there's always the possibility they are some kind of cross-bred vampire/dragon/drake.
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