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Only Maiar?

Originally Posted by Galin View Post
Tolkien once imagined the Valar having children, and the "sons of the Gods" fighting in Beleriand. But he revised the concept of the Valar having children... and this sentence too (in reference to the War of Wrath)...

"the sons of the Gods were young and fair and terrible" > "the host of the Gods were arrayed in forms of Valinor" JRRT, War of the Jewels, revised by Christopher Tolkien for the nineteen seventy seven constructed Silmarillion: "... for the host of the Valar were arrayed in forms young and fair and terrible, and the mountains rang beneath their feet."

Eonwe seems to be present in Beleriand at least.

So... that clears things up
The War of Wrath was such a battle that a whole continent got destroyed. So if he were the only Maiar present, then his power must be very destructive? Or does the Vanyar elves possess some powerful abilities also since they were the foot soldiers of the host of Valinor?

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