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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Morgoth was also present, and his power was tied into the fabric of Middle-earth, and particularly Beleriand. Is it possible that the sinking of Beleriand happened not because of the war (thought doubtless it had a significant impact, including the total destruction of a major volcano in Thangorodrim), but because Morgoth was taken away? A proper Load-Bearing Boss, so to speak.

The Vanyar weren't notably 'magical' in the sense that Sam meant it; actually they were less so than the Noldor, because they didn't set much stock in crafts. But on the other hand, song is a key form of magic in Middle-earth, and they were famous for that. If the Vanyar were responsible for the sinking, then we have to imagine it as the Wizards' Duel writ large: vast choirs of golden-haired Eldar, singing Morgoth's power right out of the land, deeming it better free and drowned than still under his dominion.

Thanks for the answer from you and everyone here. I wished Tolkien was more specific about the host of Valinor. In Battle of the Powers we got much detail of who participated in that struggle.
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