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I can imagine that onw might at least have had a retinue or staff of Maiar with him to assist him in commanding the very large force the Valar sent to Beleriand.

There really isn't a great deal of evidence either way, however. It doesn't count for much, but when Maedhros and Maglor snuck into onw's camp after the destruction of Angband, they were able to slay the guards who were protecting the two Silmarils. These people, who had a very important role in the camp, thus seem to have been Elves. Perhaps Maiar were too important for guard duty (or perhaps this was when onw was busy with Sauron — that would be an interesting coincidence).

I hope they weren't the same ones guarding Morgoth!

(On a slightly off-topic note, it's frustrating to observe that there's very little fan art of Sauron supplicating himself before onw, and what does exist isn't very good — typical "everyone is waifish" stylings)
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