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Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
That's a good point, although Maedhros and Maglor were still on the loose, and the Oath was fairly public knowledge — by that point they were perhaps more dangerous than the surviving servants of Morgoth.
I think Eonwe may have suffered a little from Manwe's complaint: an inability to see evil coming. Okay, he managed to keep hold of Morgoth - but it seems that he completely failed to prepare for either Sauron fleeing, or Maedhros and Maglor stealing the Silmarils.

Both events are incredibly predictable - there was no way Sauron would simply submit to being taken to Valinor like Melkor once was, and there was no way House Feanor would stay their hands when the Silmarils were right there - but Eonwe seems to have assumed that because he had issued instructions while bearing the authority of the Valar, those instructions would be obeyed.

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